Erbario Toscano

Polvere Di Siena Eau De Parfum


It is the very fragrance of the Tuscan land from which it collects heat and abundance. With a strong and decisive essence, you can immediately perceive the fresh aroma of Bergamot that characterizes the top note, enriched by the stimulating and pungent energy of Black Pepper. The aphrodisiac properties of vanilla instead contain the secret of the sensuality of this aroma, made even warmer and more enveloping by the spicy influence of cloves.

The warm and enveloping Vanilla predominates in the heart note together with the spicy influence of cloves and the floral scent of Rose and Lily of the Valley. Erbario Toscano Dust of Siena fragrance is completed by the sweet and woody intensities of Paciuli, Sandalwood, and Vetiver.

Alcohol denat, aqua (water), parfum (fragrance), limonene, benzyl salicylate, geraniol, hexyl cinnamal, citronellol, linalool, buthylphenyl methylpropional, eugenol, citral, isoeugenol.

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